Saturday 22 September, 2018

 Kulturverein Achteck (AUSTRIA)


Ħrejjef – Maltese folktales, contemporary music, shadow puppetry and digital animation at The Sound of Europe.

ĦREJJEF is a captivating interdisciplinary production which brings together traditional stories, shadow puppetry, contemporary music and digital animation. At its core lies a collection of Maltese folktales, presented in the style of a traditional storyteller accompanied by a live piano recital that acts as a soundtrack to the stories. The animations have been developed to reflect the style of shadow puppetry. The ‘digital puppets’ are highly ornamented with decorative perforations inspired from baroque motifs, filigree and traditional lace. While the actor narrates the folktales, a video sequence is projected as a backdrop to the performance and the characters of the stories come to life on the screen.

ĦREJJEF has been presented in Maltese, English and Italian.



Ruben Zahra – composer / traditional folk instruments
Joseph Galea – actor
Tricia Dawn Williams – piano





Preludju for Żummara and Piano
Ġaħan and the Statue for Piano & Narrator
Tal-Ħammarun for Żaqq and Piano
Spin, Spin the Bobbin for Piano & Narrator
Ħalel for Żummara and Piano
The King who Grew a Horn for Piano & Narrator


YouTube: Excerpt from performance