INSULAE – La musica in ...

Saturday 4 August, 2012  at 10:30pm

Gravina di Catania, Sicily (ITALY)


NAFRA is a major international exponent of Malta’s music heritage. The innovative compositions of Ruben Zahra promote folk music on a contemporary platform featuring the authentic sounds of Maltese traditional instruments.

NAFRA has been invited to perform in major international events, including the 2006 New Year festivities in Hong Kong and German TV network Bayerischer Rundfunk in 2007. NAFRA often collaborates with larger music ensembles: chamber groups, brass bands and symphony orchestras.
Music by NAFRA has been featured by various record labels as part of World Music compilations. The music of NAFRA explores the sound of a culture which is uniquely interesting I view of Malta’s position as a ‘cultural crossroad’ of the Mediterranean.

Nadine Galea – violin
Christopher Spiteri – tuba
Tricia Dawn Williams – piano
Michael Galea – percussion
Ruben Zahra – traditional Maltese folk instruments