KUNTRASTI – Evenings on Campus

Sunday 4 August, 2013 at 9pm

Pjazza ta’ San Girgor, Zejtun (MALTA)



A music-literary programme featuring works by author Trevor Zahra and composer Ruben Zahra. The innovative characteristic of this project is that the repertoire portrays a contrasting selection of both avant-garde, experimental music as well as the more accessible classical scores. Contemporary rhythmic atonal textures are presented side by side melodic themes from the composer’s film music catalogue. The literary level of the project complements these contrasts through the narrative of works by Trevor Zahra. Grotesque excerpts from short stories alternate with poetry and comedy.

This is the first time that Ruben Zahra is presenting both ends of his musical spectrum in one programme.

Trevor Zahra has a solid fan-base that eagerly attends book launches, theatrical works and other events portraying his literary output.

Tricia Dawn Williams – piano
Laura Cioffi – flute
Luke Baldacchino – percussion

Joseph Galea – actor
Graziella Galea – actress

Rosabelle Bianchi – voice