Monday 29 April, 2013 at 7pm

Santa Margerita Girls Secondary School, Zejtun (MALTA)



‘KIRANA – myths of creation’ is a contemporary children’s opera. The piece is performed by children with the support of a small team of 2 professional artists. It is a children’s opera especially because children participate directly in the creative process of the piece. The children contribute to the shaping of the music, drama and digital animation through a series of improvisation workshops and art classes. The story is inspired by the creation myths of different cultures, mainly the legends from China, India, Babylon and Mesopotamia. Some of the scenes in this mythological journey are portrayed through digital animation. The children are instructed to draw a series of ‘key frames’ for each character. The drawings are then scanned and processed by our digital animator into a video which is projected over a spherical screen as part of the ‘narrative’ of the performance. KIRANA introduces children to a wide range of new artistic experiences: from contemporary music to percussion workshops, stop animation and light painting. The children contribute directly to the shaping of the piece with their own rhythms, movements and language.







Ruben Zahra – conception of KIRANA and music
Trevor Zahra – script
Sean Buhagiar – dramaturgy
Ruben Zahra & Sean Buhagiar – stage direction
Martin Bonnici (Shadeena) – digital animation
Tricia Dawn Williams – piano
Luke Baldacchino – percussion
Godwin Scerri narrator

KIRANA has been produced with the support of the KREATTIV funding scheme in collaboration with Santa Margerita Girls Secondary School, Zejtun.