Wednesday 10 November, 2021

Online Event, (MALTA)


The Nel Mezzo Del Cammin journey begins with the emblematic opening lines of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, leading the way to a multi-disciplinary journey – a marriage of music, drama, and dance.

In a fusion of Italian and Maltese culture, three of the most well-known and impactful scenes from the Inferno tackling universal themes of love, integrity, and the quest for knowledge take life thanks to music by three of Malta’s foremost composers, who act as Virgil.

All this is set within the Wignacourt Museum in Rabat, boasting its baroque corridors and taking audiences deep into the bowels of its air-raid shelters, as well as another surprise location. A true feast of the senses, bringing together leading figures in the various disciplines presented. ​

Produced for The Three Palaces Festival 2021

Watch here YouTube premiere: Nel Mezzo del Cammin

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Artistic Director:  Dr Michelle Castelletti

Artistic Collaborators: Daniela Said, Philip Leone-Ganado, Matthew Muscat Drago, Pamela Kerr, Tricia Dawn Williams, Fiorella Camilleri, Joseph Zammit, Charlotte Grech, Gianni Selvaggi, Michela Farrugia, Amy DeGaetano, Jade Farrugia, Christopher Muscat, Ruben Zahra, Veronique Vella