Saturday 15 September, 2018 at 9pm

Valletta Campus Theatre, Valletta (MALTA)


The latest concert to form part of Modern Music Days will take place at the Valletta Campus Theatre (VCT – formally known as MITP), on Saturday 15 September. This concert will present an exciting programme, featuring a percussion trio and music for piano and video-art, leading to the grand finale of the successful ballet “PARADE” portaying the music of Erik Satie with costume design and scenary by Pablo Picasso.

Tickets are selling at €10, with €5 tickets available for children aged 10-14. They can be purchased from

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Trio per Uno – Nebojsa Zivkovic
Transit – Michel Van der Aa for Piano & video
Surprise! – Pulse Percussion Trio
Pounding III for Piano & video – Ruben Zahra
All Work and No Play for Piano & video – Ruben Zahra
Fantasy for Three – Charles Camilleri
Hypnotic Chant – Charles Camilleri
Ngomanumbu – Charles Camilleri
Matre’s Dance for Piano & percussion  – John Psathas
Parade (Ballet)  – Erik Satie



Tricia Dawn Williams – piano
Gisèle Grima – piano
Daniel Cauchi – percussion
Luke Baldacchino – percussion
Michael Camilleri – percussion

Dorian Mallia (dance – Moveo)
Diane Portelli (dance – Moveo)