Friday 28 September, 2012  at 7pm & 8pm

Music Room, St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity & the Arts, Valletta (MALTA)



Mathematics and Music – Seminar Piano Recital

Mathematics and Music is an event presenting a showcase of 20th century piano music which uses mathematics as the pretext to music composition. From the twelve-tone technique of Arnold Schoenberg to the Minimalist music of Philip Glass, this seminar-recital explores the transition from numbers to notes.
Music notation is the graphic representation of basic mathematical principals. A score depicts a complex layout of tempo, rhythm and pitch which translates to music. In the 20th century, composers developed this notion further by applying mathematical progressions to music composition. Tricia Dawn Williams will perform works based on techniques that portray a significant mathematical pretext. The program will include examples of 12-tone technique, minimalist music, aleatoric music and graphic notation. These techniques will be presented through the music of international as well as local Maltese composers in a seminar / recital format. Composer Alistair Attard will introduce the works.



Kinderstuck by Anton von Webern
Crisis by Ruben Zahra
6 Little Piano Pieces, Op.19 by Arnold Schoenberg
Etude No 5 by Philip Glass
Etude No 6 by Philip Glass
Ideograms Book I by Pawlu Grech