Sunday 23 July, 2017 at 9pm

Valletta Campus Theatre, University of Malta, Valletta (MALTA)

Known for her avant-garde performances, concert pianist Tricia Dawn Williams will perform contemporary works for piano. A performance that will extend the black and white piano keyboard towards multi-coloured landscapes of electronic music, extended piano technique, video and will also feature motion sensors.  A large screen will constitute the backdrop to the concert enticing the audience to a contemporary and interdisciplinary portrait of the piano.

This is a new project that has been specially designed for and will be launched during Evenings on Campus.

Source: University of Malta Events Calendar

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SUSPENSIONS for piano & EMG sensors by Atau Tanaka (2017)*

POUNDING for piano & video by Ruben Zahra (music 2007, video 2017)

THE VOICE OF LIR by Henry Cowell (1920)

PIANO COUNTERPOINT for piano & tape, arrangement by Vincent Corver (2011) of SIX PIANOS by Steve Reich

TRANSIT for piano & video by Michel van der Aa (2009)

MAKROKOSMOS Vol 2, Part 2 for amplified piano by George Crumb (1972 & 1973)