PARADE & the Velvet Gentleman

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Vidzemes koncertzāle CĒSIS, Raunas iela 12, Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta, LV-4101, LATVIA

Guna Šnē, cello

Tricia Dawn Williams, piano

Ernests Mediņš, percussions

This is a music journey through a programme of major piano works by Erik Satie, leading to a grand finale with the ballet Parade – premiered at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris in 1917 by Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, portraying the music of Erik Satie, scored to a one-act scenario by Jean Cocteau with costumes and sets designed by Pablo Picasso. This new production revisits the ballet with new media techniques which include stop-motion animation, video-art, projection dancing and contemporary dance. The project is touring around the Europe under the name of "PARADE & THE VELVET GENTLEMAN".

The plot of Parade, written by Jean Cocteau presents the failed attempt of a troupe of circus performers to attract an audience to their show featuring a Chinese magician, an American girl, a Horse and two Acrobats.

The costume design for the 1st Manager (left) is practically a reconstruction of the wonderful Picasso cubist costume. The 2nd Manager on the other hand, is inspired by the Picasso design and developed into a stop-motion animated character projected on the screen (top).

The costumes respect the original Picasso aesthetic with minor adaptations portraying a contemporary twist. The Horse for example adopts a headdress mask - reminiscent of Julie Taymor’s costume design.

The scene of the Acrobats features a technique known as projection dancing: When the dancers enter the stage they appear to cast a shadow on the screen ... but this is not really their shadow - it is actually a video projection that develops into a choreographic ‘dialogue’ between the two dancers and their own silhouette.

Artistic director: Ruben Zahra

Choreography & Dancers: Diane Portelli & Dorian Mallia – Moveo Dance Company

Projection Dance Sequence: MAKA Visuals; Stop-motion animation: Christ Scicluna

Masks & Puppets: Charles Bezzina;Costumes: Ritienne Zammit

Paper Movies: Trevor Zahra; Technical director: Christopher Gatt

Tickets €10, €12, €16