‘Voices at the End’ presents an evening of contemporary dance and contemporary music featuring ŻfinMalta – Malta’s national dance company. The highlight of the programme is a new choreography by the artistic director of ŻfinMalta, Paolo Mangiola, based on the music with the same title by composer John Psathas from New Zealand. The music, set in 5 movements for piano and digital audio, will be performed live. The first part of the programme presents three trios for clarinet, violin and piano by Scott McAllister, Karl Fiorini and Makiko Kinsohita. ‘Twisting Landscapes’ by Makiko Kinsohita is also choreographed by Paolo Mangiola for ŻfinMalta, originally created as a video-dance project for the 2021 edition of the Malta International Arts Festival.


Scott McAllister Funk

Makiko Kinsohita Twisting Landscapes | ŻfinMalta – choreography by Paolo Mangiola

  1. Movement I ii. Movement II iii. Movement III

Karl Fiorini Trio Lamina


John Psathas Voices at the End

Żfin Malta - choreography by Paolo Mangiola

  1. Prologue Mitote ii. Part 1 Business as Usual iii. Part 2 The Great Unravelling iv. Part 3 The Great Turning
  2. Epilogue Chrysalis

Stalls - €18.18 Parterre Boxes - €18.18 Parterre Boxes (Concession) - €9.09 Boxes - €18.18 Boxes (Concession) - €9.09 Limited View Seat - €13.64