Virtuosity on Toy Pianos

On Friday 3 May Tricia Dawn Williams, classical contemporary pianist and toy pianist, will be performing on her toy pianos at Spazju Kreattiv Theatre,  Valletta, compositions for toy pianos. She will present a programme of music for toy piano, electronic music and small percussion instruments. For this concert she has commissioned 10 new works to foreign and local composers. The music of each composer will explore the toy piano in a different way. 

A child's toy may seem like an unlikely candidate for the classical concert hall. Around the world, however, thousands of musicians gather every year for festivals, conferences and concerts dedicated to the toy piano. French composer Yann Tiersen used one prominently in his score to the 2001 film Amélie to represent the title character's inner child.

A classically trained pianist, Tricia Dawn says "When I am planning my concerts I am always looking for something new, something exciting." The concert, Tiny Keys, Big Sounds: Contemporary Compositions for Toy Pianos will start at 8pm.

Tickets for the concert on 3 May are available online via Spazju Kreattiv's website

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This Toy Piano performance is part of Toy Piano+, a project supported by Arts Council Malta.

April 25, 2024

Source: The Malta Independent

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