10 Graded Piano Pieces by Maltese Composers // Piano Music Database US

I am proud to announce I will be collaborating with the Piano Music Database in the US to video record a series of piano pieces that will support the scores listed in their database.

Piano Music Database is a free-to-use search engine and database of pedagogical repertoire built for piano teachers. The original idea for Piano Music Database came from the familiar struggles that we’ve all faced as piano teachers: to find interesting and technically appropriate music for our students. From this basic idea, came a simple spreadsheet, then a website, and now a fully fledged search engine. Today, Piano Music Database is managed by a small and dedicated team of ten developers, pianists, teachers, and designers.

Through this collaboration, the publication 10 Graded Piano Pieces by Maltese Composers has been added to this database for all students and piano teachers to be enjoyed worldwide.

This collection of pieces is currently being presented by PMD at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in Chicago.

10 Graded Piano Pieces by Maltese Composers was a project organised by the Malta Association for Contemporary Music through Modern Music Days and supported by Arts Council Malta.  You can also listen to the album here.

July 26, 2023

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