Yet another fantastic and world class film! Not only do we get a rich and beguiling diet of music, but the settings in which everything is filmed (be it mysterious places or within the mechanism of an enchanting clock tower), the additional choreography and set design in Satie's Parade (which is brilliantly conceived!), and the filming itself make this presentation magnificent and inspiring. We might normally see this on Medici TV and think wow!” - Paul Edlin


With Out of the Cage, the Ruben Zahra/Tricia Dawn Williams duo has once again pushed boundaries presenting a music and film cycle that surprised me at every turn, stimulating my emotions while keeping me in thrall to the music and making me wonder what come next.” - Ramona Depares

Williams offered a haunting interpretation, conveying the impression of other worldliness through the renditions of the contrasting tempos aimed at conjuring up pictures of ‘dancing’ asteroids” - Silvio John Camilleri

The Sunday Times

Williams’ meticulous approach when switching between different levels of intensity greatly contributed towards a colourful interpretation of this work” - Silvio John Camilleri

The Sunday Times

This was extremely powerful and well-projected music in which the pianist not only played with her fingers but in the first legend also produced crashing chords using her left forearm, the right one in the second legend and both of them in the last legend” - Albert Storace

The Sunday Times

The pianist, Williams, was her usual assertive self and gave her full contribution to the work which ended beautifully on a very soft note” - Joyce Guillaumier

The Sunday Times

The Three Irish Legends by Henry Cowell showed up Williams’ pianistic mastery to the full with its extraordinary effects of elbows and fists crashing down on the piano. The colours of these three pieces were nothing short of amazing” - Kenneth Zammit Tabona

The Sunday Times

With Dawn’s performances I never know what to expect, except that they will be exhilarating, innovative and one-of-a-kind, and she never ever fails to deliver! With the show she proposed to Evenings on Campus, she gave us a wonderful mix of brilliant music and theatrical performance (where does she get all that energy from???) coupled with the videos accompanying. I was glued to my seat, wide eyed and wide eared! At the end of the performance I was thinking “I didn’t want that to finish!”” - Daphne Pia - Artistic Director

— Evenings on Campus Festival

It’s always a joy just to chat with you and Ruben. As I always say, two of Malta’s finest exponents for contemporary music - and with the extraordinary vision to match it. What you have created together is exceptional - thank you again.” - Michelle Castelletti - Artistic Director

The Three Palaces Festival